Saturday, May 6, 2017

Surat Al-Qadr Lapbook Templates

ASA Everyone,

I have for you today Surat Al-Qadr Lapbook Templates.  I apologize for the delay.  You can download it here.  Alhamdulillah I have it before Ramadan.

I just want to apologize for the long delay in posting.  I had a baby a few months ago Alhamdulillah.  So I have been busy with that and the family.  I will also be making a big move in the next couple of months.

 Also, I wanted to let you know that I plan on starting a new blog that is more professional looking.  I want to share healthy recipes and maybe some craft projects.  In sha Allah with Allah's help I will be able to do this.  This will not happen for several months if not longer.  But, in the mean time I will continue to post my lapbooks and notebook pages here until I am ready to launch the new website.  Jazak Allah Khair for your patience and understanding.


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